Toshiba Logistics Singapore deals with a broad level of supply chain solutions that assist your business when it comes to the evolution of competitive improvements by improving the management and flow of your products. Our experienced supply chain team will work right along with you to gain an understanding of the aspects of your business where you are facing challenges and work out solutions to help you find practical and effective ways to overcome these challenges. Based on the experience and knowledge we have acquired in the past, we provide our clients with optimized 3PL services characterized by creativity and proposals involving elements that include cost reductions, upgrades to logistics setups, and enhanced management of supply chains.

Transportation services

By providing exemplary services and total client satisfaction, we continue to surpass our customers’ expectations. We offer an extensive list of services to meet client demands. We put forth extra effort to ensure that a product gets to its destination on time, every time, and in good condition. With more than 18 years of experience, our driving force has always been a remarkable part of our service. We move together, think together, and achieve together.

Air freight forwarding

1. International freight forwarding usually involves striking a balance between price, cost, time and environmental apprehension. One of the objectives companies choose Toshiba Logistics Singapore for, is cost effectiveness and the smooth delivery of their products. Therefore, you can be assured that our tactical partnerships and collaborations found around the globe will give you the agility to choose from many air and ocean freight service options.

2. We create value and agility for our clients by providing real-time transportation services complete with full visibility and which take your products to their final mile. Our strategic relationships with key transportation partners allow shippers to take advantage of our flexible capacity, our wide range of service options, and our competitive rates.

Our air freight services include:

• Pick-and-Pack-and-Ship

• Just-in-time collection and delivery

• Consolidation

• Airport-to-Airport

• Door-to-Door

• Cross Docking

• Direct ship programs

• Sea-air

• Special handling (e.g., high-value, oversized and hazardous goods)

Ocean freight forwarding

1. As a licensed ocean forwarder and NVOCC, Toshiba Logistics Singapore is uniquely positioned to handle all aspects of your ocean shipments. Whether it’s simply ocean transportation management, consolidations, or project cargo solutions, our clients utilize our ocean services and expertise when they are looking for flexible and tailored solutions to meet their international shipping requirements.

2. These solutions deliver value to clients leveraging Toshiba Logistics Singapore carrier relationships, giving you a full range of services to meet your ocean needs. Contact Toshiba Logistics Singapore today, and you will find that it is nice to be out on the water.

Our ocean freight services include:

• LCL and FCL services

• Consolidation

• Documentation

• Container breakdown

• Brokerage

• Warehousing and distribution

• Sea-Air services

Intermodal and multimodal transport

1. A multimodal service that involves enhanced, end-to-end service for the air, sea, and land in today’s highly competitive market. Retailers, producers, and traders are in search of supply chain partners who can provide end-to-end multimodal services with a single point of contact. Toshiba Logistics Singapore has been managing and assigning end-to-end services that bring together the isolated strengths of sea, road, air, and inland channel transportation with increased visibility. These elements are fully incorporated to ensure efficiency when it comes to maximizing cost reductions and protecting the immediate environment.

2. Intermodal services that are efficient, fast, and environment-friendly: Our Intermodal services involve the management and design of air and road supply chains, with the most suitable and practical solutions being deploy to deliver flexibility and reliable lead time. In addition, with a significantly reduced carbon footprint, we operate across borders with all the supporting services you would expect from an industry leader, including customs house brokerage services, consolidation, cross-docking, de-consolidation, and reverse logistics.

Customs House Brokerage

1. The details of a general supply chain are compounded by the need for fast and reliable customs clearance and security arrangement. Thanks to our regionally licensed customs brokers and import/export specialists worldwide, we work together with each country’s customs personnel, expediting shipments at every point.

2. At Toshiba Logistics Singapore, we understand these problems and handle customs brokerage and compliance. We will keep your goods moving along the supply chain from point-to-point and end-to-end.

3. While several companies specialize in diverse areas of customs brokerage, our experts’ hands-on experience spans the whole breadth of importing and exporting, making this your one-stop shop for a stress-free import/export experience.

Type II Zero – GST Warehouse

• This is a Type II Zero GST Warehouse Scheme for GST suspension until goods are released for export.

Warehousing and Distribution

Making the choice to use a 3PL fulfilment center can drastically ease the troublesome pressures of warehousing and distribution, allowing you to focus on your core competencies. All our solutions are customized to fit the flow of our clients’ businesses. Our warehouse management software allows us to manage your inventory and shipping activities. We can even create custom reporting processes to simplify all your accounting and reporting needs.


Whether you are planning to construct a comprehensive international supply chain, or simply aiming to manage a seasonal inventory expansion, we can assist you. More than 45 thousand square meters are available when it comes to strategic sites, including storage supply centers and consolidation centers which are designed to support a wide range of different companies. Whether shared or dedicated, a warehousing solution needs to fit the demands of your customers within your market. That means you need a logistics provider that can flexibly work with the market and tackle changing conditions and one that can manage your inventory levels to meet demand and optimize costs.

1. The cost of the services we render goes beyond roster management and beyond supply chain visibility. Our strategic location symbolizes the fact that our warehouses and supply centers are near major ports or hub setups. They are part of a carefully scheduled network that can best meet our clients’ cross-border transport requirements, their just-in-time production requirements, their final delivery requirements, and their logistics after sales or reverse logistics requirements.

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2. Our highly specialized warehouse features an integrated temperature-controlled supply chain center that provides a wide range of value-added services for producers and retailers.

3. Our warehouse operations include, but are not limited to, the following activities:

• Inbound and Outbound Order Processing

• Bar Coding, Re-Packing, Labelling, and Quality Control

• Handling, Pallet Services, and Pallet Stretch Wrapping

• Labelling, Strapping and Repacking


1. If you are looking toward outsourcing all the components of your transportation requirements, our global network logistics bases can help you improve your supply chain. We provide tailored with a single point of contact, making everything very efficient.

2. With our 14 subsidiaries, we can bring together your operations, including when it comes to sourcing and management of material products collection, warehousing, value added services, distribution and cross-docking.

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3. Our distribution capabilities include:

• Accelerated Order Cycle Times

• Purchase Order Verification

• Pre-Scheduling

• 99% National Coverage

• UPS/FedEX/DHL Shipping, etc.

The strategic location of our warehouse is another advantage we can offer, as the seaport is a few minutes away and the airport is connected directly to where we are via the highway. Delivering things on time by ship and by air is our priority.

Trans load and cross-docking

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1. The ability to shift supply to demand at vessel ETA, instead at the origin, results in decreased supply chain expenses and advanced customer service. Trans-load and cross-dock services attain this by consolidating products and then shipping them straight to the client without the expenses or delays associated with warehouse storage. But why Toshiba Logistics Singapore?

2. Toshiba Logistics Singapore provides end-to-end supply chain visibility through our owned and operated data management system, which has been designed specifically for today’s increasingly complex supply chain logistics. This sophisticated tool helps us streamline the delivery of information between internal and external systems, offering seamless integration between shipper, forwarder, and consignee. Utilizing highly flexible systems, we customize IT solutions for clients that increase supply chain visibility, helping you optimize warehouse and inventory management and reduce your freight forwarding costs.

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